Abstract: the Tourist infrastructure is represented on the whole territory of the Altai Republic, however, its main part is concentrated on the territory of Chemal, maymin and Turochak districts. This is dictated by geographical, climatic and other features of the territory. The tourist flow in Armenia for 2017 amounted to 1986.3 thousand people. The annual increase in the value of tourist flow is 9.5%. The largest percentage of the total number of tourists are car tourists. Placement of road service facilities directly depends on the intensity of traffic. Since the degree of development of the market of car services is low, in order to develop road service, it is proposed to place a hundred IN the village of Srostki. The advantage of this service STATION will be the restoration of the surface of the part with the help of gas-dynamic spraying characteristics, which will be close to the factory. The nearest SRT with gasdynamic spraying is located in the city of Barnaul. The service STATION will be focused on the client engaged in agriculture, as well as on the traffic flow.
Index terms: traffic flow, car service, service STATION, tourist flow, gas-dynamic spraying


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