Abstract: It is shown that the transfer of matter from solid porous particles of peat and vermicompost in the form of a sphere into a water solution under intensive hydroimpulse and mechanical treatment in a rotor-stator device (RSD) occurs by diffusion model. Assumptions are formulated that allow the diffusion model to be used to describe the kinetics of the process of extracting substances from natural porous materials in RSD. The type of the equation describing the kinetics of the substance extraction process based on the diffusion model is determined. Determination of the coefficient of kinetic equations for the extraction process of humic acids and fulvic acids from the particles of peat and vermicompost in the solution in the treatment of the suspension in the RSD.
Index terms: extraction, dispersing, rotor-stator device, humic acid, fulvic acid, peat, vermicompost.


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