Abstract: Chaotic oscillation generators are effective sources of broadband noise-like signals for secure communication systems. Generators with delayed feedback make it possible to form chaotic oscillations with a relatively wide frequency band. The article deals with the construction of a controlled generator of chaotic oscillations with an all-passing (phase) first-order filter in a feedback loop. The generator of quadrature harmonic oscillations is taken as a basis, in the feedback circuit of which a nonlinear block is used that provides high speed, both in dynamic and static modes of operation with high accuracy of output parameters stabilisation. An analytical expression is found for calculating the time constant of the phase filter, which provides the best approximation of the transient response of the phase filter to the ideal characteristic of the delayed link. The simulation results were obtained in the PSIM-9 software environment. The introduction of delay in the feedback ring gives the system a multi-frequency character, since the phase balance will be fulfilled not only for the fundamental frequency, but also for other frequencies. It is possible to manage the chaotic oscillations in the proposed generator with the help of a control and / or reference signals, a change in the time constant of the phase filter, and also with the help of the input coefficient of the oscillatory system. The developed model will allow further studies of various types of chaotic oscillations when changing control parameters. The generator can be rather simply transferred from the chaotic oscillation mode into the harmonic signal generation mode and vice versa, to do so, the phase filter must be switched on or off the feedback loop.
Index terms: structural scheme, transmission function, dynamic chaos, phase portrait.


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