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The network journal «South-Siberian Scientific Bulletin» was founded in 2012.

Published materials highlight advanced scientific developments and new technologies in the field of natural and technical sciences.

ATTENTION! By order № 21-r of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of February 12, 2019 network edition of the South Siberian Scientific Bulletin was included in the HAC (Higher Attestation Commission) list.


The language of the publication is Russian.

Materials of Russian and foreign authors are published in the form of articles on the following topics:


05.11.06 - Acoustic devices and systems

05.11.13 - Instruments and methods for monitoring the environment, substances, materials and products

05.11.15 - Metrology and metrological support

05.11.16 - Information-measuring and control systems (by industry)


05.13.11 - Mathematical and software of computers, computer network complexes

05.13.17 - Theoretical Foundations of Informatics

05.13.18 - Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes


05.17.01 - Technology of inorganic substances

05.17.04 - Technology of organic substances

05.17.06 - Technology and processing of polymers and composites

05.17.07 - Chemical technology of fuel and high-energy substances

05.17.08 - Processes and apparatus of chemical technologies


Periodicity of the publication is 6 times per year.

Issue № Release date Deadline for submission of materials
1 February 28 until February 10
2 April 30 until April 10 
3 June 30 until June 10
4 August 31 until August 10
5 October 31 until October 10
6 December 20 until November 30

The number of the certificate of registration with the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications: EL No. FS 77 - 52804.

International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 2304-1943
Key title: Ûžno-Sibirskij naučnyj vestnik
Abbreviated key title: Ûžno-Sib. naučn. vestn.
Parallel title: South-Siberian scientific bulletin

Imprint (electronic):
Sidorenko A.I. Optical system of the coordinate pyrometric sensor for detecting a source of ignition with optical closures / A.I. Sidorenko, A.N. Pavlov, E.V. Sypin
// The South Siberian Scientific Herald. - 2012. - No. 2. - P. 161-164. - Access mode: http://s-sibsb.ru/images/articles/2012/2/40_161-164.pdf.


The founders of the journal

bti Federal State Educational Budgetary Institution of Higher Education "Polzunov Altai State Technical University", Barnaul, Russia
ipcet The Institute of Problems of Chemical Energy Technologies of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCET SB RAS), Biysk, Russia
mip-politeh logo Ltd "Small Innovative Enterprise "Polytech", Biysk, Russia
U-Sonic Ltd "Center of ultrasonic technologies of AltSTU", Biysk, Russia


The publisher

bti Federal State Educational Budgetary Institution of Higher Education "Polzunov Altai State Technical University", Barnaul, Russia


Russia, 659305, Altai region, Biysk,
Trofimova Street, 27, room 404B
Tel. + 7-923-162-93-27
(executive secretary -
Golykh Roman Nikolayevich)
e-mail: info@s-sibsb.ru

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