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Об издании Ethics of scientific publications

Ethics of scientific publications

1. Publications and copyrights:
- each article published in the journal should contain a list of sources (references), an indication of available financial support for the study;
- each article published in the journal should not contain plagiarism or deliberately fictitious data;
- each article published in the journal should not be repeated by content from previously published results in other sources.
2. Authors' resposibility:
- authors are obliged to participate in the process of reviewing articles;
- the publication should indicate all authors who have taken significant part in the published study;
- in the publication there should be an indication that all data in the publication are real and correct;
- all authors are obliged to provide corrections and corrections of errors, if necessary.
3. Reviewing / responsibility of reviewers:
- review should be objective;
- reviewers avoid conflicts of interest in relation to peer-reviewed research, authors, and / or research sponsors;
- reviewers are obliged to indicate to authors the relevant publications not marked in the publication;
- in respect of all peer-reviewed articles and materials, the principle of confidentiality must be maintained.
4. Responsibility of the editors:
- the editorial board and the editor-in-chief have the right and responsibility to accept or refuse publication of articles and / or other materials in the journal;
- editorial board and editor-in-chief avoid conflicts of interest when accepting / refusing to publish articles;
- editorial board and editor-in-chief take all measures to publish and publish corrections and refutations in case of errors;
- editorial board and editor-in-chief undertake to preserve the anonymity of reviewers;
- editorial board and editor-in-chief make fair and impartial decisions independent of commercial interests and ensure a fair and appropriate peer review process;
- editorial board and the editor-in-chief are adopting editorial policies that encourage maximum transparency and complete, honest reporting;
- the editorial board and the editor-in-chief protect the integrity of published records, issuing corrections and refusals, if necessary, and pursuing suspects in research or publishing misconduct;
- editorial board and editor-in-chief undertake to stop the unethical misconduct of reviewers and editorial staff;
- editorial board and editor-in-chief undertake to critically evaluate the ethical standards of research in humans and animals;
- editorial board and editor in chief, as well as reviewers and authors are adequately informed about what is expected of them.
5. Ethical issues of publications:
- the editorial board and the editor-in-chief monitor and apply the above-mentioned aspects of the publishing ethics, and interfere with the interference of commercial interests in intellectual rights and ethical norms.



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