Abstract: In modern industry, to achieve maximum production efficiency, it is necessary to obtain reliable data when measuring the flow rate and amount of fluids. Devices that are used to determine the amount of a substance flowing through a pipeline are flow meters. The article presents a patented design of a flow meter for liquid substances. The design is based on the use of the Coriolis effect and Michelson interferometers as recording devices. Distinctive features of the design from known Coriolis flowmeters are described, including an optical system for recording vibrations, the use of a single straight measuring tube, and software for analysis of tuning and control. A physical and mathematical model of small bending vibrations of a rectilinear tube rigidly fixed on both sides has been developed. The model makes it possible to calculate the geometric parameters of the structure and to establish the most suitable material of the measuring tube for a given frequency of exposure when designing the structure of a prototype device for any diameter. The software was developed using the LabVIEW development environment. The software is necessary to reveal the dependence of the frequency of micro-oscillations of the measuring tube on changes in the interference pattern. With the help of machine vision modules, software analysis is carried out for continuously changing interference patterns on two sensors. Comparison of the characteristics of vibrations at two points of the measuring tube makes it possible to calculate the mass flow rate of the fluid. A prototype of a device for measuring microvibrations was created and bench tests were carried out. Based on the tests carried out on the model in two modes: change in amplitude at a fixed frequency and change in frequency at a fixed amplitude. It was found that the convergence of signals between the generating unit and the receiving unit with the accuracy of the approximation coefficient is approximately 0.9961. The efficiency of the hardware and software parts of the developed device and the possibility of using an industrial flow meter for accurate measurement of the mass flow rate of liquid media have been proved.
Index terms: Coriolis force, Michelson interferometer, flowmeter, microvibration.


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