Abstract: Vibratory mixing is used in a variety of industries. In many technological processes, mixing is an important operation on which the quality of the final product depends. This review provides up-to-date information on modern vibratory mixers that have become widespread in various industries. Vibrating mixers designed for processing multicomponent compositions from dry or wetted bulk materials: fine powders, multicomponent mixtures with components significantly different in density and dispersed composition. To assess the development trend of the type of technology under consideration, the authors of the review carried out a study, which was based on the experience and results of studying industrially mastered and currently produced samples of vibration mixers. An analysis of patent data for more than 60 years has been performed. As a result of patent research, more than 200 relevant technical solutions were identified. The result of the work gives an idea of the current state of affairs and the prospects for the development of vibration mixing equipment. The search for new technical solutions in the field of vibration mixing remains relevant and attracts considerable interest of domestic and foreign researchers. The data presented in the work allows formulating recommendations for the further improvement of vibration mixers. The systematized information presented in the work is intended for engineering, technical and scientific employees involved in the processing of bulk materials in a wide variety of industries.
Index terms: vibration, vibrations, mixing, bulk materials


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