Abstract: The most important information channel for a human is visual perception, so the problem of color control often occurs in the industrial production of high-quality consumer products. Accurate and objective instrument control using colorimeters or spectrophotometers is not always possible, for example, due to the need for special control patches that cannot be placed on the finished product. Visual control is more universal in relation to the controlled object and the reference, but it is demanding to the lighting conditions at the time of observation. According to current standards, most often it is required to imitate the standard illuminators D50 and D65 of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). This is usually implemented in stationary viewing booths, while color measuring devices are usually autonomous and mobile. The paper describes the developed prototype of an autonomous mobile light source (LS) based on widely distributed light-emitting diodes (LEDs) of 400, 420, 660 nm, RGBW (in one chip) and "warm white" with a correlated color temperature of 2900 K. The LED brightness is adjusted using pulse width modulation (PWM). LS testing was carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 3664:2009, which is used in printing, and imposes the most stringent requirements on IP. This standard normalizes the values of: the u'v ' CIE color coordinates, the correlated color temperature CCT, the General color rendering index Ra , eight particular color rendering indices R1–R8 , two metamerism indices Mvis and Muv. It was found that the radiation spectrum of the developed LS meets the requirements of ISO 3664: 2009. The LS design ensures uniform lighting and the absence of chromatic shadows in the work area. The LS uses an accessible electronic element base. The LS is powered by batteries. Mobile Autonomous LS based on the developed prototype can be used for visual color control in the industry, including printing.
Index terms: lighting spectrum, standard illuminant, viewing conditions, light emitting diode, visual perception


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