Abstract: Here we examined the drying process of basalt fiber-reinforced heat-insulating slabs made of superfine staple fiber by measuring the temperature inside the specimen and the weight loss during the drying. An analytical method is suggested for the drying parameters of fibrous heat-insulating materials with reverse variation of the heat-carrier flux. The method relies on mathematical treatment of experimental data from kinetic curves of temperature variation. A mathematical model based on similarity criteria of heat-transfer was built to describe the drying process of fibrous materials, and the model parameters were determined. The differences between the kinetic curves of the single-directional and reverse drying processes. A method is suggested to divide the reverse drying kinetics into subsets to build individual mathematical models. The adequacy of the models was validated by the F-test.
Index terms: mathematical modeling, drying, heat-insulating materials, superfine basalt fiber, heat-transfer, similarity criteria, drying kinetics


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