А.N. Blaznov, V.V. Samoilenko, М.Е. Zhurkovsky, V.V. Firsov, N.V. Bychin, Е.V. Atyasova, Z.G. Sakoshev
DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2020.21.3.011 Download PDF
Abstract: Here we examined an epoxy binder based on ED-20 resin and Ethal-23X curing agent. Thisstudy aimed to explore rheological, physicomechanical and thermomechanical properties of the binder specimens cured at different regimes. The viscosity and the variation in viscosity of the binder were measured on a rotational viscometer. The glass transition temperature was determined by the TMA technique as per GOST R 32618.2-2014; the degree of polymerization and glass transition temperature were measured by the DSC technique as per GOST R 57687-2017 and GOST R 55135-2012, respectively; the tensile strength was determined pursuant to GOST R 11262-2017. The rheological study of the binder demonstrated that it had a low initial viscosity (1.4 Pa∙s); the binder was low-active at room temperature and could be processed for about 5 h. The tensile test results of the binder specimens showed that they had a fairly good strength after 4-h curing at 60 °С (69.4 MPa) being not inferior to other formulations of the same class. Additional thermal treatment at 100 °С slightly decreased the strength (down to 58.8 MPa). The glass transition temperature increased from 85 °С to 90 °С with increasing time and residence temperature (from 60 °С to 100 °С), respectively. The degree of polymerization of the binder specimens, as measured by DSC, was 93-95 % and the glass transition temperature was 80 °С, which is consistent with the TMA data. Thus, the recommended curing regime (2 h at 23 °С + 4 h at 60 °С) provides an optimum combination of physicomechanical and thermomechanical properties of the binder with Ethal-23X hardener, which is as good as a cold-cure binder.
Index terms: epoxy binders, amine hardener Ethal-23Х, Ethal-45М, ТМА, DSC, strength, tension, glass transition temperature, curing, degree of polymerization


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