Abstract: Promising areas of commercialization of detonation nanodiamonds (DND) are associated with the release of high-tech biomedical products, polishing materials for superfinishing surfaces and microelectronics products. In these areas of application, the dimensional factor and the degree of purity of diamond products are of great importance. The size and physicochemical properties of DNDs are equally dependent on synthesis technologies and chemical treatment technologies. Existing basic cleaning technologies do not fully meet the modern quality requirements of DND. Therefore, additional purification steps are used, designed to increase the content of the basic substance in DND and reduce the content of solid impurities by less than 1%. In this work, we studied the properties of DND samples obtained at different stages of deep cleaning. Deep cleaning technology, including sequential treatment of DND: hydrofluoric acid; hydrochloric acid; sodium hydroxide and ion exchange resins. After each stage, DND samples were washed with distilled water until a neutral pH was reached. JSC «FR&PC «ALTAI», which went through a deeper cleaning. To evaluate the qualitative and quantitative components of the structure, elemental composition, qualitative surface composition by IR spectrometry and the average sizes of DND aggregates. It is shown that the use of deep cleaning technologies allows you to compare the content of basic substances to 87-88%, reduce the content of basic components to 0.1-0.2%, reduce the size of the aggregates in the DND.
Index terms: detonation nanodiamonds, deep cleaning, elemental composition, dimensions of aggregates, IR spectra


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