Abstract: The results of studying the properties of powders from an oblique tinder fungus, ground by a hammer mill, are presented. The mass-average diameter of the samples varies in the range of 3.15 - 4.46 μm, and the specific surface area - in the range of 1.87 - 2.37 m2/cm3. The particle size distribution of the samples is characterized by a bimodal distribution - along with relatively large particles of 30-50 μm in size, there are micron-sized filamentary particles. The moisture content of the samples ranged from 10.2 to 13.6%, and the extractiveness from 16.6 to 22.7%. Using the method of synchronous thermal analysis, the four-stage process was established when samples were heated in air. The first stage is associated with the dehydration process, and the next three - with the oxidation of the samples. Samples begin to oxidize at a temperature of 231-235 °C.
Index terms: oblique tinder (Inonotus Obliquus), mechanical activation, optical microscopy, electron microscopy, synchronous thermal analysis, particle size


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