Abstract: The macrokinetics for the reaction of different dispersion aluminum powders with water is studied. The results of an experiment in which aqueous suspensions of aluminum powders were heated to 60°C with constant mixing are analyzed. In the experiment, the pressure of hydrogen and the temperature in the reactor were measured. Empirical formulas that describe the kinetics of topochemical reactions as applied to the problem under consideration are described. It has been suggested that the specific parameter of the powder particles is the most important parameter determining the reaction rate and yield of the final product (hydrogen). The safety issues of the reaction of aluminum nanopowders in water are considered. Frank-Kamenetsky criterion which determines the conditions of a thermal explosion in the system is used for this. It is shown that an increase in the mass and specific surface of aluminum powder and the temperature of heating the mixture can create conditions for thermal explosion in the reactor. The solution to the problem of finding the kinetic parameters of the reaction of dispersed aluminum with water is relevant in connection with the development of hydrogen sources for fuel cells. The found patterns of the reaction in practice can be used to calculate the technical parameters of hydrogen generation systems.
Index terms: macrokinetics, aluminum powder, hydrogen generation, thermal explosion


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