Abstract: We investigated the electrophysical properties of detonation-synthesis nanodiamond (DND) of several modifications. The property of acquiring an electrostatic charge by DND powders has not yet been studied, unlike other electrophysical properties. Moreover, in this work, powders of industrial production and prototypes of DND obtained under different synthesis conditions are studied. Under normal conditions, DND powder is a dielectric. At normal temperature, the dielectric constant of a nanodiamond is approximately 4.2, which is slightly less than that for natural diamond (5.7). Experimental data on the electric charge of DND particles during electrostatic spraying are obtained. The ability of these powders to acquire a significant charge concerning the mass of the substance was found (up to 5 · 10-7 C / kg, more than other materials; the charge sign is negative). This property of DND powders, as shown in the work, can be used in environmental problems of cleaning the air and indoor surfaces. Since DND powders have a large specific surface (up to 330 cm2 /g), this can be used in new technological applications.
Index terms: detonation synthesis nanodiamond, electrophysical properties, electrostatic charge


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