Abstract: Work-related injuries, today has a special place in the process of any enterprise. Reducing injuries is of great importance both for the employee and for the employer. Injuries are a comprehensive measure of the use of personal protective equipment, observance of requirements of safety rules when performing various works, development of new technologies and introduction to the process of new technology. Annually at the enterprises of the Russian Federation arise traumatic cases, which are caused by various factors. They can be attributed as purely industrial, and human factors. It is impossible to fully protect the employee from accidents, especially when breaking the rules is purposeful. But, warning, we are somehow arming yourself. Knowing in advance about the possibility of an accident can make the necessary arrangements, which to some extent will minimize occupational injuries. For this you need to be forecasting factors that can affect occupational injuries. Among them, such as: factors of the industrial environment, factors of working conditions, experience, experience, bit of work various violations, etc. Correlation methods will be found relationships between the factors influencing occupational injury indicators, conclusions about the factors that you should pay particular attention when forming the forecast. The results obtained in this study will be the Foundation for future scientific work related to the prediction of occupational injuries, which in turn can be applied to any enterprise of the Russian Federation, as in unchanged and modified, as each company will have its own specific production process.
Index terms: forecasting, industrial injuries, factors, production process, correlation.


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