R.B. Zhelukevich , Yu.F. Kaiser , V.G. Shram , A.V. Lysyannikov , V.L. Tyukanov , A.V. Egorov
DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2020.30.62669 Download PDF
Abstract: When equipping oil and gas fields, the main technological operation in the winter is the cultivation of snow-ice and frozen soil. The determination of efforts on a trihedral wedge is not only scientific, but also of great practical importance, since it will allow more reasonably carry out strength calculations of the working bodies of many earthmoving machines. The following assumptions were used to determine the action of forces on a trihedral wedge parallel to the base of the wedge with steady motion: the wedge is sharp, there is no friction of the lower face on the ground. Scientific novelty is represented by the developed theoretical principles in the formation and implementation of new technical solutions. Mathematical models of the process of interaction of a disk tool with solid media are developed. Analytical dependences of the cutting force on the type of cut and the properties of the medium are obtained, taking into account the basic geometric parameters of such a tool. In the process of loosening, the installation of the extender on the cultivator rack increases the working width in the lower part of the furrow, makes it possible to bring the cutting edges of oblique wedges and disk cutters closer to the furrow base and to ensure their introduction into the side walls, eliminating soil compaction due to crushing and soil separation from the massif under a cleavage angle of 35–40o. At the same time, on strong soils, the cutting edge of the tip of the cultivator strut is pushed out of the furrow and reduces tractor traction, and the cutting edges of oblique wedges and disk cutters tighten the cultivator strut into the ground, increasing its traction, so installing an expander improves the traction performance of the unit.
Index terms: mathematical model, cultivation, frozen soil, cultivator, expander


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