B.I. Kovalsky, V.I. Vereshchagin, V.G. Shram, E.G. Kravtsova, O.N. Petrov
DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2020.30.62660 Download PDF
Abstract: One of the main indicators of the temperature limits of the performance of lubricating oils is thermo-oxidative stability. The indicators of thermo-oxidative stability of temperature include indicators of oxidation and evaporation of lubricants. A disadvantage of the known studies is the lack of information on the amount of thermal energy absorbed by the products of oxidation and evaporation and its influence on the maximum allowable quality indicators of lubricants. The aim of the research is to increase the informativeness of monitoring the performance of lubricants by taking into account the thermal energy absorbed by the products of oxidation and evaporation and its influence on the maximum permissible performance indicators. The work presents the results of determining the maximum permissible performance indicators of the mineral motor oil MOBIL Super 1000 15W-40 SL/CF, by thermostating in the temperature range from 150 to 180 °C in increase and decrease cycles, measuring optical density, volatility, coefficient of thermal oxidative stability and the amount of absorbed thermal energy. Using the experimental data on optical density, volatility, and the coefficient of thermo-oxidative stability, we calculated the values of the thermal energy absorbed by the products of oxidation, evaporation, and the temperature of the transformations taking into account the processes of oxidation and evaporation. It is shown that the application of the proposed methodology for cyclic changes in the test temperature makes it possible to determine the temperatures of the onset of oxidation and evaporation processes, the critical temperatures of these processes, and the maximum allowable temperature of the test lubricant. The proposed technical solution allows you to expand information about the maximum permissible indicators of thermo-oxidative stability of lubricants in a wide temperature range, to compare lubricants of the same purpose.
Index terms: temperature control, optical density, evaporation, coefficient of thermal-oxidative stability, maximum permissible temperature.


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