Abstract: In connection with the entry into force of amendments to the Federal law "on production and consumption waste", the problem of creating a solid municipal waste management model that takes into account all changes made to the law becomes urgent. A large burden in the waste management system falls on regional operators, since their responsibilities include coordinating all the dedicated business processes that are carried out when handling MSW. Therefore, in order to take into account the regional specifics of the RF subjects, it seems appropriate to develop a separate structural and functional model of a regional operator for handling solid waste in each of the considered RF subjects, designed to improve information support for decision-making in the system for controlling pollution of the natural environment with solid municipal waste. This model allows you to identify areas of modernization of the regional operator. From the point of view of decision-making theory and system analysis, a regional solid waste management operator is a complex system that performs certain target functions. To ensure visibility of system management by presenting the entire chain of interrelated processes, a structural and functional model is being developed. To build this type of model, we use CASE-tools for structural analysis of business processes, among which the most common is the IDEF0 methodology. In accordance with the IDEF0 methodology, the process is presented as a functional block with appropriate inputs, outputs, necessary resources (mechanisms), and conditions. The all Fusion Pro-cess Modeler 7 software package is used in IDEF0 to develop a structural and functional model of the regional operator's activity in handling MSW notation. As a result, the authors developed structural and functional models "as is" and "as should be" of a regional waste management operator on the example of one of the regional operators operating in the Kursk region. The developed models highlight the main functions of the regional operator, business processes, relationships between them, and the main logistics flows. The developed structural and functional model of the regional operator for the management of MSW allowed to identify areas for reforming the activities of the regional operator, and consequently, areas for improving waste management. The work was carried out as part of a Grant from the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists MK-941.2019.5.
Index terms: regional operator, solid municipal waste, structural and functional modeling.


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