Abstract: The topic of information hiding (steganography), as well as the topic of cryptography, has always been relevant. Cryptography and steganography, strongly accompanying each other, are the key to strong protection of information from third parties. The theme of this work is MP3 audio files. The purpose of this work is to parse this format, analyze methods of hiding information in files of this format, and develop a computer program that is capable of hiding information in audio files in MP3 format. First, we will get acquainted with the MP3 format, then we will analyze the existing methods, their pros and cons, and after that we will choose one of the methods and implement it in the form of a computer program. The result of this work will be a computer program that can hide files of any format into a user-selected MP3 file, as well as open these hidden files from an audio file. The results of the work will be useful in the field of information security, as they will allow you to learn about some methods of hiding information not only in the form of text, but also in the form of an implemented computer program. This work should give an impetus to the direction of audio steganography, thanks to the analysis of methods of hiding information, their pros and cons, as well as the implementation of algorithms in the form of a working computer program.
Index terms: steganography, audio, MP3, information hiding.


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