Abstract: Materials from thermally expanded graphite (TEG) are used in many industries. Products based on it are used as a sealing material at elevated temperatures and high pressures. The raw material for its production is intercalated graphite, which is a flake with a metallic sheen. Under the influence of high temperature, the intercalate boils, creates excess pressure between the layers, and as a result, a fluffy thermally expanded graphite is formed, which is used to obtain sheet TEG. The main goal of the work is to determine the conditions for thermal expansion of intercalated graphite in a furnace and to obtain prototypes of thermally expanded graphite sheets. The object of research is intercalated graphite produced in China, and thermally expanded sheet graphite obtained by pressing down-like graphite. The obtained samples of thermally expanded graphite sheet were sent for analysis of heat resistance using a Tulyachka-3P furnace, and also using the «Carl Zeiss» optical microscope «Axio Imager», we studied the surface features of sheet TEG in order to detect the presence of unreacted intercalated graphite. When analyzing patent and scientific literature, it was revealed that there are a large number of various technologies for producing fluffy thermally expanded graphite from intercalated graphite. As a result, it was found that temperature has a significant effect on the completeness of the process, namely, with its increase, the change in the mass of the samples and the number of particles of unreacted intercalated graphite decrease. An important parameter is the ratio of air flow: flow rate of intercalated graphite. With increasing air flow, the number of particles of unreacted intercalated graphite decreases.
Index terms: fluffed thermo extended graphite, intercalated graphite, analysis of heat resistance, temperature of thermal expansion, unreacted particles


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