Abstract: In work the optical properties of industrial nanodiamonds of detonation synthesis (DND) are considered. The nomenclature of industrial nanodiamonds is very wide, the products differ in the percentage of a diamond phase, composition of impurity, the sizes of monocrystals and agregates, etc. Among possible options of use of such materials is the applications using unique optical properties of diamond, such as a high refraction index and low absorption of light in the range of visible radiation. The lack of data on optical properties of the DND of various brands prevent a possibility of their practical application. This work eliminates this lack. We could expect that optical properties of nanodiamonds of detonation synthesis differ from optical properties of synthetic, and natural diamonds because of availability of surface impurity. Ranges of absorption of the DND as a part of water suspensions and thin layers, IR spectrums of the pressed powders for two brands industrial DND are experimentally obtained: UDD-S and UDDG-S of production of FRPC "Altay". The analysis of dispersion of powders by means of the optical analyzer (microscope) OLYMPUS OMEC DC130 is carried out. The powders manufactured by the industrial way were not exposed to any additional cleaning or dispersion of particles. Thus, results belong to industrial samples of powders of nanodiamond of the specified brands. In IR spectrums of nanodiamonds the strips corresponding to oscillatory ranges of atoms of carbon, impurity and hydroxyl groups on a surface are found. Optical spectra of absorption in violet and ultra-violet area have no absorption strips; the absorption maximum in the field of yellow color (wavelength about 590 nanometers), with some decrease in absorption to infrared area of a range is found.
Index terms: detonation nanodiamond, absorption range, IR spectrum, water suspension, thin layer.


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