V.N. Khmelev, A.V. Shalunov, R.S. Dorovskikh, V.A. Nesterov, R.N. Golykh
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Abstract: The urgency of work is caused by insufficient efficiency of waste gas purification at the enterprises of thermal power plants and thermal power plants from solid fine particles (less than 5 microns in size), which have the most dangerous effect on human and animal health, the state of plants and ecosystems. The object of the study is the process of coagulation of solid dispersed particles with droplets of irrigated liquid in wet-type devices based on Venturi tubes under the action of ultrasonic high-intensity oscillations. The aim of the work is to increase the efficiency of the wet scrubbing apparatus on the basis of venturi scrubbers by increasing the degree of absorption of solid highly dispersed particles by liquid drops in high-intensity ultrasound fields. The theoretical method of investigation based on the realization of physico-mathematical models of the motion of the gas-dispersed flow in the Venturi scrubber and the coagulation of dispersed particles in the ultrasound field and their numerical solution was used in the work. As a result of the simulation, the possibility of increasing the efficiency of trapping highly dispersed particles in a venturi scrubber by introducing ultrasonic vibrations is shown, and optimal regimes (frequency, sound pressure level) and conditions (direction, zone of influence) of ultrasonic action are determined under which the maximum degree of purification of gas emissions (from 75 to 99 % for particles 2 μm in size). The results of the theoretical studies were practically used to increase the efficiency of trapping of gold particles in the industrial CHP plant without changing the regime parameters of the gas cleaning, which showed that the use of ultrasonic vibrations provides a reduction in the concentration of ash particles in the flue gases up to 4 or more times (efficiency over 98 %), while the fraction of highly dispersed particles (less than 5 μm) is reduced to 15 times.
Index terms: Venturi tube, gas cleaning, ultrasound, coagulation


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