A.N. Blaznov, A.S. Zubkov, A.S. Krotov, V.V. Samoilenko
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Abstract: This work is focused on solving the problem of modeling behaviors of composite materials to reduce dimensions of the tower body of power transmission lines while preserving (or enhancing) the elastic modulus under flexure. The model allows the best estimates to be achieved for the elastic moduli longwise, Ea, and crosswise, Eb, of the pipe and for shear modulus in the reinforcement plane of the pipe wall, Gab, by varying the input parameters: roving type (basalt or glass), filament-winding pattern, number of layers; and by varying the parameters of the starting components: elastic moduli, shear moduli, Poisson's ratio of the fiber and binder (matrix), and reinforcement ratio. To check the model, multilayer pipe specimens—mockups of the tower body—of 110 mm wide and 5-6 mm thick were fabricated from basalt and glass rovings. Five reinforcement layups were applied to each roving type in pipe winding, including: longitudinal-circumferential winding with interleaving layers at 90º and 5º, helical winding at 30º to 60º to the pipe axis, and combinations thereof (helical-longitudinal and helical longitudinal-circumferential). A nondestructive three-point transverse bending test was conducted on 1964, 1500, 1020, 808-mm pipes for each reinforcement pattern and the elastic modulus was experimentally measured. The highest elastic modulus was obtained with the longitudinal-circumferential winding and the lowest one with the helical winding. The glass-reinforced and basalt-reinforced polymer pipes had commensurable rigidities. The experimental data are in agreement with the model-predicted data when solving the inverse problem, with a deviation of up to 4.4%.
Index terms: mathematical model, elastic modulus, strength, fiberglass-reinforced plastic, basalt fiber-reinforced plastic, tower body of transmission line, reinforcement lay-up schemes, composite materials


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