Abstract: The paper reports results from experimental theoretical studies on forming hybrid composite materials. The substrates used were basalt, glass and carbon continuous fibers (robings), ED-20 resin-based polymer matrices, iso-methyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride and trimethylaminomethylphenol accelerator, and composites thereof. It was experimentally validated that hybrid composite materials when tested to buckling during the formation exhibited a 8.15% higher strength than basalt-carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, while glass carbon fiber-reinforced plastic had a higher rigidity and elastic modulus. Shear tests showed that shear strength of basalt-carbon fiber-reinforced plastics was higher than that of glass carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.
Index terms: polymer composite materials, reinforced fibers, glass roving, basalt roving, ribbon yarn, high-strength fibers, Terlon, carbon fiber, strength, strengthening factor.


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