Abstract: The development of motorization of cities requires the design and construction of new car service stations. One of the components of the technological calculation of the car service stations is to determine the number of parking spaces for waiting. Rational choice of their number is necessary for owners of the car service station in today's economy, because too many of them will lead to unjustified costs for their construction and maintenance, and insufficient – to the loss of customers and, accordingly, reduce profits. The application of queuing theory in the design and modernization of the car service stations allows to determine the rational number of working posts, parking spaces for waiting, storage, the composition and quantity of technological equipment, etc. Tasks queuing theory quite bulky and require the use of modern methods of automation solutions and software. The article deals with the variant of calculation of degree of occupancy of the parking spaces for waiting with use of queuing theory in the SIMULINK simulation environment.
Index terms: automobile transport, car-care center services, queuing theory, parking space for waiting, simulation.


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