Abstract: Currently, for reactive power, the greatest interest of reactive power parameters is the reactive power of fundamental spectral component. Voltage and current of the modern electrical networks are not sinusoidal. However, for the measurement of reactive power of fundamental spectral component can be used techniques of analysis of sinusoidal voltage and current. Among known methods of measuring reactive power can be identified, the time-shift technique, preliminary integration technique, preliminary differentiation technique, integration-differentiation technique. The main reason for the occurrence of errors of the considered techniques is the presence of harmonics and frequency deviation of the signal from the nominal value. At the present work the analysis of the impact of these parameters on measurement error of reactive power of the fundamental spectral component. The obtained analytical correlations, allowing to estimate measurement error. Performed analytical modeling in software packages such as Mathcad, Matlab and Simulink, confirming the validity of the obtained analytical expressions.
Index terms: reactive power, spectral component, frequency deviation, simulation, measurement error.


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