O.B. Kudryashova, M.Yu. Stepkina, A.A. Antonnikova
DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2018.23.17549 Download PDF
Abstract: There is a problem of rooms cleaning of harmful substances and microorganisms. A disinfection of surfaces of rooms on which there can be smallest particles of harmful and dangerous substances are represented an especial difficult issue. As the solution of this problem we propose the way of disinfection of rooms surfaces with a sorption of harmful disperse substances (for example, microorganisms or toxic nanoparticles) on charged particles of specially sprayed powders. The purpose of this work is a modeling of interaction of electrostatic charged sorbent particles and sorbtiv particles on a surface. Research methods are: mathematical modeling, optical and electronic microscopy. In the work we propose the physical and mathematical model of electrostatic interaction of charged particles of the sorbent powder which is sprayed on a surface, with the smallest particles of the harmful condensed materials. Dielectric particles of the sorbtiv get the charge opposite to a sorbent particle charge with a phenomena of electrostatic induction . We consider forces of the Coulomb and friction for the description of the interaction of particles. Calculated values of the charge received by particles in the field of the corona discharge are presented. We obtained the mathematical ratios allowing to estimate the temporary characteristics of interaction of electrostatically charged particles with the neutral condensed disperse particles on a surface. Conditions (concentration, mass of particles and their charge) at which interaction won't occur are defined. These conditions are expressed as a dimensionless criterion. Experiments on visualization of process of rapprochement of the charged and electroneutral particles on a surface are made. Rapprochement of the charged and electro-neutral particles on a surface is shown to happen during tens of minutes that correlates with theoretical calculations. Results of the work can be used in the systems of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of rooms.
Index terms: disperse particles, sorption, electrostatic charge, electrostatic dispersion, electrostatic interaction.


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