Abstract: Altai Territory is a developing tourist area in the Russian Federation. In connection with the development of the tourist and recreational complex in the province, there is an increase in the traffic flow of cars in the main areas: Biysk–Barnaul; Biysk–Gorno–Altaisk; Biysk-Belokurikha; Biysk-Novokuznetsk, who need to provide car-care services. At the department annually, 1st year students are engaged in collecting information on the traffic flow of cars. The results of marketing research (2007–2017) show that on the P256, P368, P369, etc., the degree of development of the auto service market is about 10%. Thus. opens the prospect of the construction of road service stations, and the results of systematic marketing research will contribute to the creation of their effective activities. To bring a database system into a certain system, it is planned to develop software for processing information.
Index terms: traffic flow of cars, car service, degree of development of the services market, road service station for maintenance and repair of cars, marketing research.


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