Abstract: The analysis of approaches to technological preparation and organization of manufacture of parts on manufacturing industries showed his imperfection, namely the currently existing computer aided design of technological processes do not take into account the specific features of the production system and, in fact, are automated manuals and media process documentation of the developed process. Increase in the rate of change of the range of parts leads to an increase in the complexity of their manufacture in the modern human manufacture, so the way out of this situation is the development of new approaches to the design of the multiproduct production, production automation, development of computer-aided design. The article shows the system of the automated planning of the technological processes developed in Gagarin Saratov state technical university, Saratov, Russian Federation. It is proposed to significantly refine it in the form of a new methodology for the selection of the optimal set of measuring instruments within the planning system, which involves the analysis and improvement of the organization of the process of control of parts in their production through its automation. Also the algorithm of generation of control and measuring means of surfaces of details for the purpose of improvement of quality of design decisions at technological preparation of machining production is offered. The task of automation of the process of control of machined parts is one of the most important tasks of economic efficiency. The quality of the final product, intermediate and input control at the main stages of production depends on the correctness of its solution.
Index terms: product quality, working means of control, automation of design procedures, economic efficiency of control.


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