Abstract: Regulation of parameters of energy allocation in power composites of various purposes, using perсolation effects, is actual and practically significant direction in the field of creation of materials of this type and allows to regulate. Parameters of combustion without introduction of additional additives. At stages of creation of energetic composites developers choose content and dispersion of powdered filler therefore conducting researches on influence of manifestation of superficial and volumetric percolation effects is actual. Task in the practice of creating materials of appropriate purpose. The article presents experimental results of the study combustion of energy nanocomposites on the basis of mixed oxidizer – ammonium nitrate/ammonium perchlorate, fuel-binder on the basis of synthetic rubber divinil, plasticized transformer oil and spot metal fuel-micro and nanodisperse powders aluminum. The analysis of experimental data on volumetric and superficial percolation effects in energy nanocomposites is carried out. Dependence of characteristics of combustion, thermal decomposition nanocomposites from correlation of components in oxidizers is studied. Their connection with percolation effects in volume and on a surface of burning nanocomposites is established. It is shown, that the investigated nanocomposites allow to regulate in wide limits the speed of their burning, including at atmospheric pressure, essentially to reduce level slag, in 2-3 times to reduce mass maintenance of ecologically unfavorable Compounds in combustion products, to provide the requirements of manufacturability and other basic characteristics of compositions, including mechanical. The peculiarities of thermal decomposition of nanocomposites at low and high temperatures, caused by high reactionary ability of nanopowder ALEX, catalytic effect of solubility of ammonium perchlorate in melt of ammonium nitrate on combustion surfaces, including the percolation nature of the effects of interaction of components. The obtained results will be useful to the developers of materials of appropriate purpose in terms of effective use of the possibilities of regulation of energy allocation parameters at combustion of power composites.
Index terms: energy composites, mixed oxidizer, nanopowder, combustion rate, thermal decomposition, percolation


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