Abstract: The article is devoted to solving of problem of realization of industry technologies in large-capacity production based on researches results carrying out in laboratory conditions with small amount of treated materials. It is shown the problem can be solved by correct choosing of specialized ultrasonic equipment for carrying out of experimental researches. As a basis of such equipment it is chosen the using of small size multi-wave radiator (instrument) similar to industrial radiators of big diameter and length (more than 1 m). Possibility of providing of identical conditions of ultrasonic influence in different sizes of volumes is achieved by providing of uniform field of ultrasonic radiation of identical intensity. Such method allows to realize with industrial ultrasonic apparatuses at large-capacity production the optimal technological modes obtained in laboratory experimental researches without loss in productivity and quality of obtained materials.
Index terms: ultrasonic influence, cavitation effect, laboratory ultrasonic equipment, industrial ultrasonic equipment.


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