Abstract: The relevance of work is caused by the fact that now it is difficult to present functioning of the large organizations without use of information systems which perform various functions from document flow before maintaining projects. In many respects the success of the organization depends on correctly organized work of a control system of projects. In article process of development of an effective control system, taking into account all requirements imposed to similar systems is considered. An object of research are control systems of projects and features of their development process . The purpose of this work is the analysis of one of the large functioning information systems and search of optimizing decisions for it. The analysis of the prototype system working at the FengOffice platform was carried out when using the Google tools applied to the operability analysis of web applications. In the course of search of optimizing decisions the analysis of the platforms which are most often used for deployment of control systems of projects was carried out and on the basis of the received results the decision on need of development of the new application was made. Relevant tools for web development, in this context are Ruby on Rails and NodeJS. Both frameworks enjoy wide popularity and a wide range of possibilities. The speed and lack of excessive functionality were the main criteria defined for the developed system. Besides, the designed system is aimed at the minimum appeal to a disk system as input-output operations are considered as one of the longest. For design of structure of the database, the newest practicians of optimum design and modeling were used. Comparison of the created effective system and a system prototype allowed to reveal that the created system significantly surpasses replaced. Speed of loading of pages with introduction of a new system increased by 67 times, and the convenience and efficiency of the software increased due to refusal of excess functionality. Information provided in this work can be useful to developers of web applications, control systems of projects and experts of IT.
Index terms: control system of projects, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, web applications.


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