Index terms: three-phase network, unauthorized power supply, diagnostic method.
Abstract: Automated systems of monitoring and metering for electricity (ASMME), currently used in distribution electrical networks (DEN/REN - regional electrical networks) belong to the class of information and measurement systems. They mainly perform the functions of commercial electricity metering and diagnostic but optimization tasks are not solved, which reduces their efficiency, technical and economic indicators of distribution companies. The article formulates diagnostics problem of unauthorized electricity withdrawal in a network under unbalanced currents and voltages. This approach greatly simplifies the identification procedure and reduces the amount of computational operations in comparison with existing methods. The concept of its solution is based on the construction of a virtual simplified mathematical model of DEN/REN, which using allows to identify the desired coordinate of the connection to the network of an unauthorized consumer. The algorithm of the proposed method is oriented for using in the diagnostic subsystem of ASMME.


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