Index terms: nanodiamond, aerosol, coagulation, sedimentation, electrostatic dispersion.
Abstract: Fine dust and fog which are formed on some productions are known to be a harmful factor of the environment. Particles of aerosol with a characteristic size less than 20 microns are especially hazardous to man health. Various ways, for example, electric precipitators and ultrasonic coagulation are applied to their catching. One of the new offered ways of neutralization of harmful aerosol structures is spraying in the air of nanostructural powder of a sorbent. Nanodiamond can be used as such sorbent, and electrostatic charging of particles can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of sorption. The purpose of work consists in the description of a method of neutralization of fine aerosol by means of the nanodiamond powder which is specially sprayed in the air with the electrostatic. Research methods: mathematical modeling, optical methods of measurement of dispersion and concentration of aerosol. The mathematical model of coagulation of aerosols based on an integrated type of the equation of Smolukhovsky with a type of the kernel considering a charge of particles allows calculating the speed of coagulation and sedimentation of aerosol. The electrostatic charge of sorbent particle is shown to lead to a significant acceleration of processes of coagulation and to interactions of a sorbent with sorptive. Results of a pilot and theoretical study of processes of electrostatic coagulation of fine aerosols are given in the article. Comparison of estimated and experimental results of the dynamics of coagulation and sedimentation of electrostatic charged and electroneutral particles of nanodiamond and sorbents with a larger initial size of particles is led. Characteristic time of interaction of particles of a sorbent with particles of harmful aerosol media is determined, the time of sedimentation of an aerosol cloud depending on the size of particles of a sorbent and a method of their dispersion. Results of work can be used in the systems of cleaning of the air environment off harmful aerosol emissions.


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