Index terms: Chromium-plating, Deviation from the form, Simmulation
Abstract: The results of computational simulation of deviation formation of chrome coating thickness are presented. Complex parts by example of steering knuckle were taken as objects to study. Coating deposition was performed by immersion. Optimal modes for chrome coating process were chosen and on the basis of these modes, the study of influence of anode equipment construction on distribution of current line along the detail surface was performed as well as coating precision characteristics. Two types of anode equipment, using when chromium-plating of such details, are studied: cylindrical anode, placed in alignment with the detail, and two segment anodes, placed on sides. Computer models of distribution of coating thickness along the detail surface for studied anodes in case of identical electrolysis modes are obtained. During the study advantages and disadvantages of both anode devices were identified. These studies allow estimation the deviation of coating thickness on different areas of cathode and determination the anode optimal construction to solve the problem of increasing the resource of friction unit of steering knuckle – ferrule.


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