Abstract: Applications of aerosol media are widely known in medical and quasimedical medicinal and diagnostic products and medicines (aerosols of respiratory systems), in dispersion of insecticides and for products of personal care (parfumes, deodorants and other cosmetics). A variety of substances of "pollutants" leads to the choice of the direction of researches for ensuring purity of the atmosphere at least for closed space. Relevant task is the creation of technology of catching of aerosol particles in gas-dispers systems. The substance in an aerosol has a few of special characteristics which need to be considered in work on cleaning of rooms off harmful emissions. At the choice of a way and method of cleaning it is necessary to reveal features and limits of applicability connected, first of all, with the sizes of particles and with their density. Recently a possibility of combination of several methods of cleaning are actively appled for the purpose of increase of overall effectiveness of collecting particles in the range of the sizes of an order of a micrometer. Increase in efficiency of the gas-cleaning equipment is possible due to integration of particles. Catching of particles by means of electric field and the ultrasonic agglomeration of particles promoting their fast sedimentation are the perspective directions which demand a careful research depending on physical and chemical properties and dispersion of the considered aerosol media. The paper is devoted to a research of functionality of the gas-cleaning equipment on the basis of ultrasonic and electric field for catching of disperse particles of the micrometer size. Theoretical estimates and experimental results on influence of electrostatic and ultrasonic fields on the process of sedimentation and coagulation of a model aerosol are given in the paper.
Index terms: fine aerosol, ultrasound, electrostatic precipitator.


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