Abstract: The article presents the results of studies on the extraction of raw antlers for the production of antler water extract using ultrasonic intensification on the specialized installation “Pan-Era 250”. To carry out research on the process of ultrasonic extraction, we used the Wave-M model UZTA-0.122 ODS integrated into the installation of the ultrasonic technological apparatus. The study of the process of ultrasonic extraction of antlers was carried out in the laboratory of processing and certification of reindeer antler production of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Antler Reindeer-growing FSBU. The determination of the optimal number of antlers for the “Antler Bath” procedure was performed using the following weights: 200, 300 g of raw frozen deer antlers of 1st grade per 210 l of water. Ultrasonic extraction was carried out in temperature regimes of 65, 75 ° С for 45 minutes each with simultaneous evaluation of the extinction index after extraction and after pasteurization during 11 procedures. Samples were evaluated by the extinction index, the values of which from 0.12 to 0.23 determine the therapeutic and balneological effect of aqueous extracts of antlers. In the course of industrial tests of a specialized unit for obtaining an aqueous extract of Panth-Era 250 antlers with an ultrasonic system to intensify the extraction process, it was found that the use of 200 g of raw maral antler 1 grade per 210 liters of water provides an extinction index with a given therapeutic and balneological effect and compliance microbiological indicators of the normative values during ultrasonic extraction for 45 minutes at a temperature of 65˚С. It is established that the use of ultrasonic vibrations is more appropriate in comparison with the standard high-temperature hours-long technique. Aleksandrova V.V.Index terms: reliability design, the period of active existence of the spacecraft, onboard systems, computer implementation of dynamic programming methods, multi-criteria evaluation.
Index terms: antlers, ultrasonic extraction, extinction index, antler bath


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