Abstract: The aim of the work is to develop an approach that allows ensuring the probability of the spacecraft effective operation in orbit. Today, the solution of such a problem complicates by increasing the requirements for the period of its active existence. The traditional way of building a spacecraft involves the need to confirm the level of reliability of boron systems at each stage of the life cycle. However, the decrease in the service life of functional modules during bench tests usually reduces the active life of the spacecraft, and the results of flight tests are required to assess the reliability. This paper proposes some mechanisms to reduce the cost of resources for the creation of on-Board systems with increasing requirements for the duration of the active existence of the spacecraft. The described approach to ensuring fault tolerance of onboard systems non-recoverable modules bases on the computer implementation of dynamic programming methods. The sequential solution of one-step optimization problems identified ways to improve the efficiency of each module development. The proposed algorithm takes into account the relationship between the characteristics of the elements of different subsystems, and the methodology of system analysis allows solving inverse reliability problems using solutions for direct problems. The compatibility and interconnection of the calculation results for each module for each of the criteria largely ensures the effectiveness of the technical condition identification in the onboard systems using multi-criteria estimates. The methodology of virtual simulation of boron systems tests based on the use of solutions to previous problems proposes a tool for assessing the correctness of solutions to stabilize the characteristics of the spacecraft. The risk-controlling methodology implemented on the construction of a multi-agent system of proposed expert observation, in which the model of controlled processes is presented as a dependence of the dynamics of synergetic effects on the interaction of factors influencing the parameters of the onboard systems. Algorithm of this approach allowed realize automation into the process of reliable design, which reduces the cost of creating on-Board systems as a whole, and the justification of the required number of tests can reduce the development time of the corresponding functional modules.
Index terms: reliability design, the period of active existence of the spacecraft, onboard systems, computer implementation of dynamic programming methods, multi-criteria evaluation.


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