Abstract: The article describes the processing of sheet paronite on a flatbed cutting plotter of round holes, defines the quality of surfaces and suggests ways to improve its efficiency. The purpose of the work is to identify the conditions and indicators under which the quality of the surfaces of the paronite parts obtained on a tablet cutting plotter will be ensured. As the main factors influencing the process of processing, considered: nominal diameter of the hole, the width of the jumpers between the holes, the number of passes of the tool. The article discusses the method for determining the influence of factors on the quality of finished surfaces: dimensional accuracy, absence of defects, geometry distortion, and the need for additional metalworking. A complete multifactorial experiment was carried out with a detailed step-by-step description of it. Three factors are considered in the most detail: the nominal diameter of the hole, the width of the bridges between the holes, the number of tool passes, and their effect on the actual size of the hole. The result of the experiment is a regression analysis equation on two scales: normalized, to determine the degree of influence of factors on dimensional accuracy; and in kind, so that you can calculate the diameter of the finished hole for any values of factors within the levels. The application of the technique makes it possible to evaluate the influence of factors on the output value, which makes it possible to choose processing modes that allow to ensure the quality of the finished holes. The results of measurements of the parameters of the holes are given and analyzed for different values of the factor levels in order to be able to achieve the best surface quality indicators.
Index terms: paronite processing, sheet material processing, flatbed cutting plotter.


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