Abstract: An important direction of development of the oil refining industry in Russia is the annual increase in the consumption of diesel fuel. The fuel must comply with the requirements of the technical regulations of the customs union and must have good lowtemperature characteristics. This need sets specific tasks for the development and testing of new additives that can significantly improve its performance and stability properties during storage. Compounds based on substituted aromatic amines have long been used as antioxidant additives to fuels, but information on the system analysis of their effect on the characteristics of diesel fuel is completely absent. The article presents the results of tests of diesel fuel with the addition of such aromatic amines as aniline, N, N-dimethylaniline, N, N-ditert-butylaniline, p-phenylenediamine on characteristics such as kinematic viscosity, lubricity, limiting temperature of filterability, mass fraction of actual resins, cetane number before and after accelerated aging by oxidation with oxygen. Agidol-1, an antioxidant widely used in industry, was used as a reference sample. Due to the limited solubility of the test aromatic amines in diesel fuel, a sedimentation stability test was performed. The analysis of the influence of the structure of aromatic amines (the number of amino groups, the substitution in the amino group, the length of the substituent chain with the amino group) on the quality indicators of diesel fuel with the additive was performed. It has been established that the introduction of additives based on aromatic amines into diesel fuel favorably affects the lubricity of diesel fuel. The smallest spot wear diameter in the test was obtained for samples with the addition of p-phenylenediamine. It is established that aromatic amines significantly improve the oxidation resistance of a fuel. For N, N-ditretbutilanilin and pphenylenediamine, the antioxidant effect is comparable with agidol-1. However, the introduction of additives does not affect the lowtemperature properties of the samples obtained.
Index terms: diesel fuel, additives, aromatic amines, lubricity, low-temperature characteristics, viscosity, oxidative stability.


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