Abstract: More than 85% of industrial chemical-technological processes are catalytic. The use of catalysts in the synthesis of various intermediates and finished products justifies itself in terms of increasing the efficiency of the process, such as the yield of the target product, selectivity, conversion, and others. To improve them, the development and improvement of catalysts is continuously carried out. Among the essential requirements for industrial catalysts include high activity, selectivity, stability of work, long service life, the possibility of regeneration, low cost. In the modern petrochemical industry, many large-tonnage aromatic compounds are produced. Styrene and para-tert-butylphenol are among the most valuable, which are used independently and participate in the production of various products of organic synthesis. The monopolist for the production of para-tert-butylphenol in Russia is JSC NovokuibyshevskayaPetrochemical Company. This method of preparation consists in the alkylation of phenol with isobutylene with the use of the domestic sulfate cationite KU-23. The largest production of styrene is organized at the ethylbenzene dehydrogenation plant of PJSC "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" using the catalyst KDE-1. This article is devoted to the study of catalytic processes for the production of styrene and para-tert-butylphenol from the standpoint of assessing the operational efficiency of the catalytic systems used. An overview of various catalysts is presented, and the main characteristics of the catalytic systems used for the synthesis of aromatic compounds are compared. The analysis made it possible to identify the most effective catalysts, which can be recommended for later introduction into existing technological processes. As alternatives to the existing process for the production of para-tert-butylphenol, it is possible to propose sulfoca-cionites such as KU 2-8, Amberlyst 15. StyroStar S6-32E catalysts from BASF and StyromaxPlus from SuedChemie AG, which are analogues of industrially used KDE1.
Index terms: para-tert-butylphenol sulfocathionite, styrene, selectivity, conversion.


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