Abstract: The development and implementation of information and control systems for complex processes is a very urgent task in various industries, since it allows to increase the level of automation and efficiency of the controlled process, reduce the cost of energy resources, minimize time and material costs, reduce the level of environmental pollution. The process of distribution (uninterrupted supply) of fuel pellets from producers to consumers is a complex dynamic system that includes many elements (consumers, manufacturers, carriers). Control of the biofuel distribution process is a complex task, the solution of which is based on the joint use of optimization methods, artificial intelligence, theory of transport processes, logistics, etc. The most knowledge-intensive stage in the development of an information and control system for the distribution of fuel pellets is the creation of its algorithmic support and its subsequent software implementation. One of the effective ways to solve this problem is the use of knowledge bases that provide software implementation of the algorithmic support of the system, taking into account the specifics of a specific subject area. The article discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of building an object-oriented knowledge base model of an information and control system that provides optimal control of the process of distribution of fuel pellets from producers to consumers. The structure of the software of the client-server information and control system with a description of the functionality of the main software components of the system is given. The object-oriented model of the knowledge base is visualized in the form of a class diagram and includes two interconnected blocks containing classes describing the subject area and providing the implementation of algorithms for solving problems of optimal control of the fuel pellet distribution process. The software implementation of the developed knowledge base model is performed in the Lazarus system using the Object Pascal programming language.


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