A.V. Kurbatov, D.A. Kondrashov, I.A. Dranichnikov, F.A. Popov
DOI: 10.25699/SSSB.2022.41.1.010 Download PDF
Abstract: In industry and research, there are high-speed, costly processes that cannot be replicated. Such processes, in particular, take place during bench tests of products made of high-energy materials. As an object of measurements, they are characterized by several dozen types of measured parameters, a significant number of measuring channels, strict requirements for the accuracy of both the actual measurements and the recording of the time of their carrying out. In the Information-Measuring System (IMS) of strength tests, developed at JSC "Federal Scientific and Practical Center" Altai ", the solution of this problem is carried out by means of the subsystem considered in the article, implemented in the form of the hardware-software complex" Central console ". In the structure of the IMS, it provides the following functions: synchronization of the measurement processes of modules in a multichannel data collection system; monitoring of processes occurring during product testing; control of the internal systems of the test bench according to specified scenarios; preservation of technical data on the processes occurring during product testing, with their exact time characteristics. During the test, the subsystem provides synchronization of the processes of starting and stopping multichannel data acquisition systems, primary converters, execution and control systems. Monitoring of the processes occurring in the product and on the bench during testing allows you to track and fix malfunctions of the tested product or bench. The control of the test bench systems is carried out according to the specified scenarios, which make it possible to implement the timing diagrams of the equipment operation - cyclograms. Data on the state of the processes taking place during the testing of products, incl. and their exact timing are stored in the database. During the operation of the subsystem as part of the IMS, it was used in testing various types of products using two hundred potentiometry sensors, hundreds of strain gauges and hundreds of temperature sensors, ensuring high accuracy of synchronization of measuring processes in scientific research of high-speed expensive processes.
Index terms: strength tests, information-measuring system, high-energy materials.


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