Abstract: Digitalization of all spheres of the economy in our country is an important task, providing for the creation of an ecosystem of the digital economy of the Russian Federation, in which data in digital form is a key factor of production in all spheres of socioeconomic activity. The article examines the problems and ways of digitalization of enterprises in the specialty chemicals industry using the example of JSC "FNPC "Altai". It is shown that, in general, today we are talking about a digital transformation of the enterprise, i.e. about the introduction of digital technologies in all types of its activities by creating a single information space and integrating systems of various levels of management based on it in order to create an integrated automated control system (ACS). At the same time, the introduction and subsequent operation of digital technologies at enterprises of the considered type is impossible without interrupting the solution of information security problems. Accordingly, the introduction of new information systems (IS), the development or review of a set of information security measures should be carried out systematically and consistently, taking into account the fact that the security system should not interfere with the normal operation of previously developed automated control systems when performing their main functions. It is shown that today an expedient solution for special chemical enterprises is the creation of a three-level information security system based on firewalls, each level of which is designed to function at the appropriate level of the integrated automated control system of the enterprise. It is noted that the solution of these problems will fully allow the enterprise to effectively integrate into the digital economy of the industry and build interaction at a new level with related enterprises - cooperative enterprises.
Index terms: informatization, digitalization, special chemistry, information security.


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