Abstract: The paper investigates a testing installation of method of producing hydrogen by oxidizing aluminum powder with water. It was found out that during such a reaction, it is necessary to control the pressure and temperature of the system, since self-heating is possible due to the exothermicity of the aluminum oxidation process. For this purpose, an experimental stand consist of a reactor with a magnetic stirrer, temperature and pressure sensors and a control unit. An installation allows registering changes in pressure and temperature over time. The dependences of pressure and temperature in the reactor on time are presented in this paper. Diagrams are constructed in the UML modeling language, showing the options and the sequence of using the experimental stand. Staged experimental studies were carried out with the help of the developed stand. In accordance with the results obtained, it can be concluded that hydrogen is released during this reaction, as evidenced by an increase in pressure in the reactor. The installed sensors allow monitoring the process parameters in real time.
Index terms: hydrogen, autoclave, oxidizing aluminum, renewable energy.


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