Abstract: This work is aimed at analyzing the general principles of the implementation of the process of preparing herbal vitaminized flour. The object of this study is the technological process of preparing this concentrated dry feed, in particular, such operations as grinding, drying and milling plant materials. The subject of this study is the reduction of energy consumption for the performance of the listed operations. The demand for this product and the abundance of raw materials makes the task of reducing the cost of production and energy costs actual. The aim of this research is to find a way to reduce energy costs for making herbal flour. The study was carried out by analyzing the principles of operation of the existing equipment and promising developments; the advantages and disadvantages of technical solutions, as well as the main contradictions that hinder the increase in efficiency when changing the operating parameters, were revealed. Based on the analysis results, the main concept of the technological process development was formulated, the contradictions that hinder its implementation were described. The results of the work are applicable in further applied research and development work on the creation of equipment for the preparation of grass meal and similar dry fodder, re-equipment and reorganization of these industries. As a result of the work carried out, it was found that only a change in the principle of operation of the equipment will increase the efficiency of the production process. Changing the operating modes of the existing equipment does not allow to increase the efficiency of the process as a whole, since the demand for energy in the processes accompanying the main one increases.
Index terms: production of feed, grinding, milling, drying, herbal flour preparation technology, energy efficiency; pneumatic disintegrator; fluidized bed.


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