Abstract: Nanothermites are considered as promising energy-saturated materials for the creation of pyrotechnic products of a wide range, due to their ability to burn in thin layers, microgram quantities. However, due to the high sensitivity of nanothermites to electric spark and friction, their use is very difficult, and therefore the search for additives that reduce sensitivity, but retain acceptable parameters of explosive characteristics of nanothermite compositions is relevant. As such additives, it is advisable to highly use enthalpy substances characterized by low sensitivity. One of these substances is 1-methyl-3-nitro-1,2,4-triazole (1Me-3H). The paper presents the results of a study of the explosion force (F) of nanothermite systems based on tin oxide and aluminum SnO2/Al, tungsten oxide and aluminum WO3/Al depending on the content of 1Me-3H. Several compositions of different prescription configuration (I and II) were studied: in the configuration, I - the ratio of components in the nanothermite composition corresponded to the maximum calculated heat of explosion (Q) at a given content of 1Me-3H; II - the ratio of the components of the base nanothermite pair remains unchanged in triple mixtures. In the SnO2/Al/1Me-3H system, the extreme nature of the dependence of the explosion force F on the concentration of 1Me-3H was revealed, while the maximum values of F were observed at an additive content of 10% for both prescription configuration: I - F = 163%; II - F = 160%. For the WO3/Al/1Me-3H system of both considered compounding arrangements, a monotonous decrease in the explosion force with an increase in the content is observed 1Me-3H: with an additive content of 15%, the composition loses explosive properties (F = 0%). The nanothermite system SnO2/Al/1Me-3H, as well as the previously studied CuO/Al/1Me-3H, Bi2O3/Al/1Me-3H, MoO3/Al/Me-3H, exhibits an extreme dependence of the explosion force F on the content of 1Me-3H, confirming the previously accepted provisions on the mechanism of reaction interaction in nanothermite compositions with organic additives, whereas the composition WO3/Al/1ME-3H, apparently, has a different combustion mechanism from the accepted one, requiring additional research.
Index terms: nanothermite, explosion force, prescription configuration.


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