Abstract: The paper considers a mathematical model describing the flow motion of a stationary, laminar, viscous, incompressible gas mixture in a three-dimensional axisymmetric channel. The mathematical model describing this process consists of the Navier-Stokes equations, the continuity and mass transfer equations, which are written in dimensionless form taking into account axisymmetry in a cylindrical coordinate system. The equations are solved in the physical variables "velocity - pressure" on a spaced difference grid. The influence of characteristic parameters on the concentration distribution of a mixture of tungsten hexafluoride gas and hydrogen in the channel is shown. The obtained mathematical model makes it possible to conduct numerical studies on the choice of optimal conditions for the process of reduction of tungsten hexafluoride with hydrogen.
Index terms: flows of stationary laminar viscous incompressible gas mixture, numerical model, mass transfer, establishment method, spaced difference grid, run-through method.


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