Abstract: The study of the efficiency of using electrical materials is of great interest in the field of manufacturing electrical machines. One of the most important aspects of the manufacture of electrical machines is the design of the magnetic cores of the machine. Magnetic cores made of various magnetically soft materials are used as a magnetic system. These materials differ in magnetic permeability and specific magnetic losses. These material parameters affect the heating, size, cost and efficiency of electric machines. In order to reduce expenses, the experimental evaluation of the parameters of soft magnetic materials is carried out on samples of various shapes and sizes, on special experimental setups, in accordance with international electrotechnical standards. This article proposes an experimental setup for laboratory studies of the magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials by the method of ring specimens, in accordance with the IEC-60404-6 standard. The setup uses only standard inexpensive equipment. The required shape factor of the magnetic flux density is achieved by sequential correction of the secondary winding voltage using a digital regulator. The approach to the software implementation of the algorithm for sequential correction of the secondary winding voltage is described in the article. The proposed experimental setup was used to study the properties of a sample made of a soft magnetic composite powder material Somaloy 700-3p (800 MPa) and compare the results with the manufacturer's catalog data. Based on the results of the work, it was revealed that the proposed setup can be used to measure the properties of soft magnetic materials in accordance with the IEC-60404- 6 standard with the required accuracy. The proposed experimental setup can be used both as a training stand and as a measuring installation for identifying the properties of soft magnetic materials in the design of electrical machines.
Index terms: study of soft magnetic materials, powder toroidal magnetic circuit, experimental setup.


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