Abstract: The article focuses on the study of effective tools for automating HR processes. To understand modern digital technologies and the rapidly changing environment in the field of HR, an HR specialist needs to integrate innovative IT tools into his work, and one of such tools is the implementation of corporate software. A study of human resources management tools in the context of global digitalization is carried out, the positive and negative aspects of the automation of HR processes are identified. The issue of the development of automation of HR processes in the context of an epidemiological situations is considered. The most promising IT technologies in personnel management are presented. Automating HR processes saves time that an HR worker can use to complete other important tasks. For this purpose, a project for extracting telephone numbers and e-mail addresses has been developed in the Python programming language. This project has been tested on the browser of the contact page of the website of Ykt.ru
Index terms: automation, HR processes, human resources management, remote employment, remote management, Python.


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